A Natural Eye Cream For Bags and Puffiness

Our eyes are always busy and to ensure our eyes are presenting their best selves it's important to choose a natural eye cream to treat our delicate eye area. 

We’ve all been there; we’ve either stayed up too late watching our favourite film, had a night where we just couldn’t sleep no matter how hard we tried, or spent too much time having fun and not enough time sleeping at the weekend, and the results are dark, puffy eyes that give the game away no matter how much make-up we put on. Our eye area deserves some extra TLC by using a natural eye cream that will assist in reducing dark lines and puffiness.

Dark circles around the eyes can be covered with the right make-up products and tools, but puffiness not only makes the darkness around the eye area more obvious, it’s also incredibly hard to conceal. Therefore, the best thing you can do is try to remove the puffiness before adding any make-up.

To help reduce the puffiness, try keeping your natural eye cream in the fridge. Not only will it extend the life of your eye cream, but applying a chilled product to the eyes will sooth and reduce puffiness considerably.

It’s essential to keep the eye area well hydrated as dry skin around the eye area not only heightens the previous two issues; it also makes it very difficult to apply make-up. The best natural eye cream to use is an eye cream like our Savar Wonder Lift Eye Cream that will gently and effectively boost the moisture levels around the eye.

Speaking of chilled, one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce puffiness is to cool the area down to minimise the inflammation. There are several ways you can do this: either soak a couple of teaspoons in ice cold water and apply to the eyes, use cold teabags (although this can be a bit messy so use with caution!) or, if you’re really short on time, a flannel soaked in chilled water will also help. 

Once you’ve reduced the puffiness, apply another layer of your natural eye cream and allow it to soak in before applying any make-up so that the eye cream works as a primer.

And don’t forget, keeping your natural eye cream in the fridge will work wonders on tired and puffy eyes!

Vicky & the team

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