A Natural Face Exfoliator

When it comes to natural skin care, using a hard working gentle natural face exfoliator that gently and effectively buffs away and lifts oils and impurities and dead surface cells is the way to revealing a radiant, smooth and healthy complexion.

Healthy skin exfoliates on its own however as we age, that process slows down. Exfoliating products hasten your skin's natural process and exfoliation with a gentle natural face exfoliator helps remove the barrier of dead skin cells clogging your skin. This then assists in making way for your natural moisturiser to penetrate more deeply into the skin, making them more effective. Also, using a gentle natural face exfoliator goes a long way in helping to prevent pimples and spots.

Here at Savar we have a very gentle luxurious non abrasive natural face exfoliator that is formulated using an innovative exfoliating agent of miniature beads of natural bamboo that gently and accurately exfoliates and polishes.

We suggest to gently massage onto a slightly damp face in a circular motion avoiding contact with eyes and rinse off gently under the shower or with a warm face cloth. It can be used two to three times a week or more often if needed. Wonderful for both men and women our Refining Revitalising Facial Exfoliator is extremely gentle, natural and fabulous for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin.

Vicky & the team xx

Savar Natural Skin Care

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