A Natural Fem Wash That is Safe and Gentle

Taking care of our skin and body extends to all parts of ourselves – not just that which is visible, such as the face. This means that a safe and gentle natural fem wash is an overlooked, yet incredibly valuable feminine care product to own and the benefits of a natural fem wash for women are huge. These include:

Promoting a clean intimate area

Supporting vaginal health, assisting protection from inflammations and odours

Calms and soothes skin before and after waxing

Maintains pH balance using natural ingredients

Made in New Zealand, this natural formulation is soap free and formulated to a natural healthy PH balance to support the skin’s defences.

Designed to be used daily, this mild, antifungal soap-free natural fem wash is carefully crafted with some of nature’s finest ingredients to gently cleanse and protect, providing long lasting freshness. Along with calendula (a natural antiseptic), aloe vera, cranberry and rosehip, these natural ingredients work together to assist in soothing and calming irritated skin

Olivia and the team x

Savar Natural Skincare