A Natural Skin Toner For Great Skin

We absolutely love our natural Instant Boost Multi Toner, and couldn’t imagine life without it. We want to share with you the different ways you can use a natural skin toner, to ensure you get just as much enjoyment from it as we do. Here are the ways we love to use our Savar natural skin toner:

Immediately after cleansing: it makes sure that every trace of make-up and cleanser has been removed so there’s no remaining film. Using a natural skin toner also prepares our skin for the next essential step of our natural skin care routine, which is moisturising.

To cool down: sometimes a cold drink just isn’t enough to help us stay cool, so rather than mess around trying to splash our faces with water, in the summer months we keep our natural skin toner in the fridge and use a quick spritz of it to calm, cool and sooth our faces.

Setting make-up: at Savar love everything natural and that philosophy extends to our feelings about make-up. We love to look fresh-faced and (hopefully) naturally beautiful, so after we’ve applied our make-up, we gently mist our faces with our natural skin care toner which allows a gentle glow to come through and stops the heavy make-up look.

Correcting make-up mistakes: sometimes, when we’re in a hurry, we can make silly mistakes like applying too much blusher or overdoing the concealer.  Rather than wiping it all off and starting again, we use a clean make-up brush spritzed with a natural skin toner care to softly blend in the mistake.

Face mask removal:  whether you have dry or oily skin, you should ideally be using a natural face mask treatment on a weekly basis to give your skin the boosting care it needs.  Sometimes a face mask can be tricky to remove. Once your mask has been on the recommended time, rather than attempting to rub or scrub it off, mist it all over with your natural skin toner which will melt it down, making it a lot easier to remove, then just wipe it off.

Vicky and the team xx

Savar Natural Skin Care

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