Best Feminine Wash For Sensitive Skin

Feminine washes have been very popular for many years in different countries throughout the world and young women start using a feminine wash when they reach their teenage years and will continue to use one during their adult life.

These days many women have sensitive skin and are actively looking for the best feminine wash for sensitive skin. The best feminine wash for sensitive skin should be ever so gentle, chemical free, PH balanced and plant based.

Other important factors are that the best feminine wash for sensitive skin should also be suitable to use during menstruation, pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

When showering women use a feminine wash wash alongside a normal body wash for the rest of their body. They believe it is important to use a feminine wash to keep the vagina area healthy and to assist in offering protection from infections, inflammations and odours.

Our recently launched Savar Safe & Gentle Fem Wash is a very gentle plant based feminine wash that is lovingly formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin to leave you feeling fresh, clean and confident.

Our Savar Safe & Gentle Fem Wash is made in New Zealand and contains aloe vera, cranberry and rosehip, which are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants. Along with calendula, a natural antiseptic, these natural ingredients all work together to assist in soothing and calming irritated skin. Designed to be used daily this soap-free feminine wash is carefully crafted with some of nature’s finest ingredients to provide long lasting freshness.

Vicky & the team xx

Savar Natural New Zealand Skincare