An Antioxidant Face Serum

There’s a lot of controversy regarding the essential steps necessary for a great natural skin care routine. Some people think the more involved the better and will happily cleanse, tone, exfoliate, treat and moisturise twice a day, every day, whereas others think that as long as skin is clean, that’s all it needs to be. Regardless of where you stand, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that these day an antioxidant face serum has regularly proved to be an integral part of a natural skin care routine that can drastically improve overall skin condition.

When they first arrived, an antioxidant face serum was perceived as another moisture-boosting layer however, they have come a long way since then and there are so many different formulations of an antioxidant face serum that are suitable for all skin types. Due to the fact that they contain a higher concentration of ingredients, they not only treat individual skin problems, but also ensure all other aspects of your natural skin care are working as hard as possible. 

Face serums are hard workers and extremely beneficial when used regularly. To use correctly, you’ll need to apply them to clean skin before applying your moisturiser.  They should soak in quickly and will not be diluted by the application of cream afterwards. For an added skin boost, try also applying your antioxidant face serum under your natural face masks (especially a moisturising face mask) as the mask will act as a trap, ensuring the ingredients are forced into the skin. 

In conclusion, if you’re keen to keep your natural skin care routine to a minimum, then the new four essential steps are cleanse (remove dirt and make-up), tone (with a natural skin care toner), treat (face serum application) and moisturise.

Vicky & the team xx

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