Beauty Tips For Natural Healthy Skin

At Savar we firmly believe one of the first steps to having natural healthy skin is to use a plant based cream cleanser or soap free face wash morning and night. It is also important to use a plant based cleanser which is formulated especially for your skin type, and removes dirt and excess grease build up that can cause blackheads and blemishes.

Using soap dehydrates your facial skin and strips it of oils, which encourages your skin to overproduce oils and makes it greasier than it was in the first place. So remember, if you want to achieve natural healthy skin use a plant based cream cleanser like our Savar Natural Essential Cleansing Lotion or a plant based soap free face wash like our Savar natural Luxury Face Wash. For natural healthy skin the rule is to be kind to your skin and make sure you use gentle natural products every morning and night .

Vicky & the team xx

Savar Natural Skincare