The Best Cream For Dry Skin

Dry skin can occur at all ages and is not always associated with other skin problems. It is a problem that usually reoccurs and more often than not in winter when environmental humidity is low so its best to spend time to find the best cream for dry skin as if not treated correctly dry skin can turn problematic.

The best thing you can do for dry skin is to keep it well moisturised. As well as using natural moisturisers the best cream for dry skin are natural face masks as they are incredibly nourishing treatments. Natural face masks will also help restore and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier function and leaves your skin feel soft, supple and glowing!

Natural face masks, like our Savar Gentle Hydrating Antioxidant Moisture Mask, that is rich in antioxidants is the best cream for dry skin as it can be left on overnight which means your skin is able to absorb the ingredients slowly over time and soak up all it needs while you are sleeping. It’s also when your skin is at its clearest, meaning that products don’t have to fight with external elements whilst doing their job!

If you do suffer from dry skin we suggest using natural face masks at least 5 times a week, however if you find your skin is very dry try using them 7 times a week. 

Also, something to remember is that hot water depletes your skin of its natural oils so it is best to take short baths and showers in warm water rather than hot water.

When your skin is dry it feels slightly rough and appears dull and flaky. The fine lines in your skin also become more visible and your skin can start to crack and become itchy.

So if you do suffer from dry skin remember to – moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and don’t forget to add natural facial masks to your skin care routine!

Vicky & the team

Savar Premium Natural Skin Care