The Best Intimate Wash

The best intimate wash for women is specifically formulated for the unique needs of your lady bits. The best intimate wash should also be soap free, plant based and ever so gentle and pH balanced. It's also important to avoid using any additives or strange chemicals that may upset the natural pH balance of your lady bits.

Be sure to check labels on any feminine wash products you buy and avoid purchasing chemical based shower gels and wipes, especially if your skin type is sensitive. Be careful also to avoid regular soap as it can largely interfere with the natural health of the vagina, causing it to go off-balance. These soaps can be quite harsh and aren’t formulated for your intimate area and if you have even slightly sensitive skin they can often cause dryness and itching.

Look for the best intimate wash that is formulated with natural ingredients, ever so gentle, wont cause any irritations and will be perfect for those of you with sensitive skin. If you are unsure about a product, it always pays to consult your healthcare professional.

Vicky & the team xx

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