Acne Treatment for Teens

Acne, or spotty skin, isn’t just a teen problem anymore, however, it’s still very much an issue that affects a large percentage of teenagers and it needs to be handled quite differently to adult acne, although some of the basics are still the same. Young skin can handle a slightly more aggressive approach when choosing the right acne treatment for teens as teen acne is usually the results of both hormones and oiliness, so you have to take both of these into account. Here are five basic tips to follow when choosing an acne treatment for teens.

1. Keep skin clean, but not squeak clean! Teen skin is prone to over oiliness but what you’re trying to do is balance the oiliness so there’s less of it, rather than removing it completely, as this will result in a catch-22; skin will produce even more oil to compensate for the lack of. Therefore when choosing an acne treatment for teens you want to use a product that will effectively clean your skin without stripping it, so choose your cleansers carefully.

2. Exfoliate regularly but don’t overdo it. Young, acne-prone skin needs all the help it can get to clear out dead skin cells and oil, which exfoliation is very good for. However, pick a very gentle natural exfoliator that will gently buff your skin without scratching it.

3. Be aware of what you’re putting on or near your face. Things like flannels, towels, pillow covers and phones are all breeding grounds for the bacteria that can cause spots, so keep all of these things as clean as possible.

4. Don’t pick at your skin. It’s quite easy to become obsessive with touching your skin to see if you can feel any spots coming through, but this just makes things much worse by spreading bacteria that may already be on your skin, or adding new dirt from your fingers.

5. Lastly, keep your skin well hydrated and use a natural moisturiser appropriate for your skin type. A big mistake many spot-sufferers make is to not use a moisturiser, but every skin type needs moisture, especially oily skin which is struggling to regulate its moisture level. By not using a moisturiser, you’re telling your skin it needs to produce even more oil to stay hydrated, so it can often make things a lot worse.

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