Dry And Itchy Skin

Dry and itchy skin can be quite uncomfortable and a lot of people don’t realise that it isn’t something you necessarily develop, as it’s actually a skin type. When your skin is normal and starts to feel dry – for many reasons such as stress, climate, allergies etc – this is actually your skin showing signs of dehydration.

To simplify it, dry and itchy skin is lacking oil which means your skin isn’t effectively producing enough oil to keep it supple and smooth feeling. This dry and itchy skin type needs plenty of rich, oily moisturisers to keep it feeling normal and calm.

Dehydrated skin however, is just lacking water. This is a temporary issue in the same way a breakout is a temporary reaction, and both issues can be addressed with great natural skin care products specially formulated for sensitive and dry skin. For both ailments, it’s important to establish what the cause of the change in your skin is, so you can be aware of the way your skin reacts in future.

Dehydrated skin needs a bit of TLC, but you need to also keep in mind your skin type when treating the dehydration, as if your skin is spot prone normally, you don’t want to flood it with rich products that will make your spots worse, as you’ll never succeed in treating either the spots or the dehydration. Dehydrated skin will benefit from products that are rich and formulated to work in harmony with your particular skin type.

Dry and itchy skin is a long-term skin issue that needs to be addressed with suitable natural skin care products as well as extra pampering treatments such as moisture-boosting masks and plenty of nightly moisturiser.

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