Dry sensitive skin

Dry sensitive skin is often prone to both spots and dry patches which makes treating it very difficult.

Try to avoid chemical products as much as possible as dry sensitive skin is very reactive so it needs to be treated carefully and gently.

If you’re skin does suddenly becomes dry and sensitive, try and strip your products right back to the bare minimum; ideally just a very gentle natural cleanser and natural moisturiser. In bouts of sensitivity, it’s a good idea to use a natural cream cleanser rather than a wash-off one to minimise aggravation.

If your skin is prone to flair-ups, try to establish what it is that causes the flair-ups so you can prepare your skin accordingly. Being able to spot the signs early will hopefully result in you being able to cut the reactive phase for dry sensitive skin short and minimise any damage to your skin.

When you have dry sensitive skin it is best to look for very gentle natural skincare products and spot treatments that agree with your skin and use them daily as anything harsh will make the problem worse. At Savar, we have specifically formulated our premium products for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin often requires lots of moisturisation, but be careful with your selection as you don’t want to use a product that’s full of ingredients that will make the problem worse. Choose a moisturiser that’s very rich and is as natural as possible.

Vicky and the team xx

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