Dry Skin Relief

Dry skin can be quite uncomfortable. It can be a problem that is inherited; however in saying that many people find that their skin gets drier with the change of seasons and also with age.

One of the main problems with dry skin is that if it’s not kept well hydrated it can become itchy and quite uncomfortable, so it is important to alter your skin care products (hopefully natural!) to products that will give your dry skin relief.

A simple and easy way to achieve well moisturised skin is to layer your favourite natural skincare products.

For day time dry skin relief try using your natural facial serum under your daytime moisturiser and at night, to give your dry skin an extra boost of goodness, use your natural facial serum under your night cream.

If used on a regular basis the correct natural facial serums not only give dry skin relief, they also help to minimise some of the signs of ageing and sun damage and also can go a long way to improving the way your skin looks and feels.


Vicky & the team

Savar Natural Skincare