The Best Cleanser For Dry Skin

For today’s blog we thought we’d focus on one of our many star products, our Savar natural Essential Cleansing Lotion which is the best cleanser for dry skin and like all of our other Savar skincare products is made in New Zealand.

Our Savar Cleansing Lotion is part of our range of Essential products – products we believe everyone should have in their skincare arsenal – due to the fact it is the best cleanser for dry skin and is an amazing formulation and brilliant uses. 

Not only does it quickly and gently remove all make-up, dirt and grime from the face, but it also works as an equally effective eye make-up remover, saving you time, money and effort as you can remove all make-up in one go.

The key ingredients in our natural Essential Cleansing Lotion are:

New Zealand calendula: a soothing ingredient for all skin types but particularly beneficial for dry and very dry skin types.

Organic sunflower: another amazing, natural moisturiser that’s especially kind to sensitive skins.

Sweet orange: this ingredient will help leave skin feeling smooth, toned and refined.

As you can see, we’ve chosen some of the very best natural ingredients for our best cleanser for dry skin to make sure that when you cleanse your skin with our natural Essential Cleansing Lotion, you’re treating it kindly and making the most of your skincare.

Vicky and the team xx

Savar Natural Skin Care

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