How to Achieve Healthy Skin

Food: You can spend all the money you have on premium natural skincare products and magic make-up, but if you’re eating junk and avoiding vegetables then your chance of having beautiful healthy skin is fairly low no matter how well you cleanse and moisturise. Nobody is expecting you to be a saint and survive on fruit, vegetables and water, however making sure a large part of your diet contains some of these things as well as using premium quality natural skincare products will go a long way to help you achieve healthy skin.

Sleep: Most people take sleeping for granted as, let’s face it, we’re not really doing much other than lying in bed with our eyes shut. But the amazing things that your body undertakes during sleep along with a great diet and using natural skincare products are essential to achieving healthy skin and making sure everything is working and moving properly. Try and give yourself at least a couple of early nights a week where you allow your body to wake up when it wants to, rather than when the alarm goes off.

Pamper: Give yourself at least an hour of ‘me’ time a week where you indulge in whatever way you like. This doesn’t need to involve lots of natural lotions and potions and natural masks, it can be as simple as an hour of lying around in bed with your favourite magazine and eating chocolate (if only we could!). The important thing is to give yourself some time-out to relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

Fun: Happy people have happy healthy skin and there’s no better way to get your happy endorphins going than having some good old fashioned fun. Catching up with your friends for pizza and gossip, shopping for your well-deserved new outfit, going to a theme park with your family or seeing a film with your man are all ways to enjoy yourself and make sure that your striking a good balance between work and play.

Natural skincare products: Obviously we weren’t going to make all these suggestions without the most essential one of all, which is the importance of taking good care of your skin. Keep skin clean, pampered and nourished as often and as effectively as you can with quality natural skincare products; don’t ever go to bed wearing make-up and try and invest some time every week to boost your skin with a facial massage or a natural skincare mask, even if you just spend five minutes massaging in your favourite natural moisturiser, it all makes a difference and keeps skin glowing.  

Vicky and the team x

Savar Natural Skincare