A Natural Face Cleanser

Clogged pores come in many shapes and sizes, from blackheads (small black bumps), to spots (on the surface of the skin) to cysts (large lumps under the skin) and can be difficult to treat however, a great starting point would be to cleanse your skin twice a day with a natural face cleanser.

The severity of clogged pores can also vary wildly, from occasional mini-breakouts to full blown severe acne. Whilst it’s difficult to understand why we get skin breakouts (it can be absolutely anything from hormonal problems, genetics, and reactions to products or stress) there are certain things that will always help skin that is prone to clogged pores.

The latest research suggests that following a healthy diet can assist in preventing and treating acne and breakouts.

Also, a simple and easy way to help ease congested skin is to give it a thorough cleansing treatment using your favourite natural face cleanser. However, this does not mean stripping away all the oil on your skin as this will then send a message to your body that your skin has no oil and your natural defence will kick-in and supply more, which is not what you want!

However, by using a gentle natural face cleanser with a good, exfoliating cloth (either a muslin cloth or a simple face flannel will do) you can ease clogged pores and gently remove any congestion. Never treat congested skin harshly as it is already inflamed and you don’t want to anger it further. 

Using a natural face cleanser is an easy way to ease congested skin.  However, if you have severe, long-term skin breakouts then it’s worth visiting a doctor to try and establish why it is that your skin is reacting in this way as it can be a sign of an underlying cause, so definitely visit your doctor!

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