A Natural Face Cleanser Versus Soap

Here at  Savar, we firmly believe that one of the first steps to having great skin is by using a natural face cleanser rather than soap. By a natural face cleanser we mean a natural cream based cleanser or natural soap free face wash morning and night.

This is an essential part to any good skin care routine and should not be overlooked! A cream based natural face cleanser or face wash will remove dirt and excess grease build up in your pores that may cause blackheads and blemishes.

When choosing your face cleanser, it is important to use one that is formulated especially for your skin type – for dry, sensitive skin it is best to go for a natural cream cleanser that rehydrates as well as cleanses your face. However, if you are prone to oilier skin, it is safer to go for a natural, soap free face wash.

Why not use soap on your face instead? Well soap can make your skin feel very clean, but is just way too harsh. It removes all natural oils from your skin making the pH level too alkaline and actually dehydrates your skin. Rather than helping oily skin, this encourages your skin to produce oils making it greasier than it was in the first place! This is why regardless of whether you use a natural cream based face cleanser or soap free face wash, it is important to have a regular skin care routine in place, and match your cleanser to your skin type. Most of all – be kind to your skin.

And on a separate note however, never under estimate the importance of a healthy, balanced plant based whole food diet to assist in achieving healthy skin. It pays to avoid processed foods and eat plenty of fruits and veggies, which will help keep your skin wonderfully clear and healthy.

Hopefully this has been a helpful step in helping you choose the best face cleanser suited for your skin and how to achieve healthy skin!

Vicky & the team

Savar Natural Skin Care