Natural Facial Cleansers

Depending on what you prefer, you can either use a wash-off natural facial cleanser or a wipe-off facial cleanser. The application technique isn’t important, but what is important is that you do it every day to ensure you remove all dirt and make-up and never go to bed with these elements remaining!

At Savar we offer both types of natural facial cleansers; we have a wash-off variant in our Savar natural Luxury Face Wash and our Savar natural Essential Cleansing Lotion which is a wipe-off facial cleanser.

Our wipe off facial cleanser, our Essential Cleansing Lotion which is enriched with New Zealand calendula, organic sunflower and sweet orange is more suited to normal and dry skin. It is a very gentle safe natural facial cleanser that will instantly remove make up (including stubborn mascara) from your eyes, face and lips.

Our wash of natural facial cleanser - our Savar Natural Luxury Face Wash is great for all skin types including sensitive skin and is soap free, 100% biodegradable and suitable for both men and women. It is a very gentle face wash that is enriched with New Zealand lace bark, organic cucumber and lemon fruit and will also quickly and efficiently remove foundation and light make up.

Both of these facial cleansers are fuss-free and will go a long way to help keep skin wonderfully healthy.


Vicky and the team

Savar Natural Skincare