Sensitive Skin - A Natural Skin Care Review

Bula! I'm from Fiji and live in our capital city Suva. I have sensitive skin, and developed some major allergies to perfumed products, deodorants, moisturisers, soaps you name it while I was in High School and life with my skin has been a bit of a struggle since. 

I got to the stage where I got tired of testing out new products to see if I could use them. The irritation on my skin and then the rehab and slathering on hydrocortisone after each trial got a bit much. Our dermatologists here didn't have the capacity to figure out which ingredients are causing my allergies so from bad experiences I ruled out all soaps, perfume, scented products, products with alcohol etc.

Anyway, you can imagine my hesitation and nervousness - but I cautiously took the risk. I tried the natural face wash first for a week. It smells so lush and yet fresh. I experimented for a week, and no irritation. Phew! I've had luck with some face washes - although 'natural' ones usually don't smell any where nice. But most leave like an extra layer on my skin which eventually starts to itch.

Next was the natural toner. I thought that would be the deal breaker - since I was a teenager, I could never use a toner without breaking out in rash because they all contained alcohol and whatever else irritated my skin.

I was almost shaking every morning for a week as I applied it, dreading the outcome. BUT! success - two weeks later, i could breathe easy - neither of your natural products gave me any trouble. It's almost hard to believe. 

From the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and every pore on my skin - THANK YOU. You have no idea how happy just being able to wash and tone my skin makes me - after having to go without these luxuries for my entire 20s! (i'm not 33). 

I look forward to building my collection and introducing these to my daughter some day.

With much gratitude and appreciation. Vinaka vaka levu (Thank you very much),