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Not only is the best natural skin care better for your body, it’s also better for the environment. Every time you use commercial beauty products, the chemicals are being washed down the drain and are often released into local waterways.

The best natural skin care products are gentler on your skin and can help protect against pollution and soothe irritated skin, which makes them better for your skin overall as long as you take the time and choose the right products for your skin needs. 

Those with sensitive skin also find that their skin may clear up after switching to natural skin care as it is so much gentler on your skin.

At Savar natural skin care, we absolutely love using New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil in many of our best natural skin care products. New Zealand is known for growing some of the best blackcurrants in the world, which is why we feature them in many of our natural products including our Gentle Hydrating Antioxidant Moisture Mask, Wonder Lift Serum and Antioxidant Night Cream, Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum and Rosehip Miracle Moisture Essence.

Research shows that New Zealand blackcurrants rank significantly higher in levels of antioxidant than 24 other fruits. New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil is a therefore great for all natural skin care products and an anti-inflammatory that helps soothe skin conditions such as sensitive skin, dry skin and eczema.

New Zealand blackcurrants are rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids which our skin relies on to remain firm, nourished and protected. In addition, researchers have apparently also found that blackcurrants themselves can assist in improving eyesight focus, adapting eyes to darkness and keep people thinking sharply when making decisions under stress. Considering how many notable benefits are derived from this super fruit, hopefully now you can see why we’re such fans!  

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Savar Natural Skin Care

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