Yin Yoga And Natural Skin Care Products For a Healthy You

Here at Savar we attend regular yin-yoga classes. We understand that wellness is not just in taking time out, eating a plant based diet and what natural skin care products we are using – but also in what we are thinking and saying, too. Henceforth, we decided to share some of the benefits that are gained from Yin Yoga practice!

Yin is a different type of yoga practice to the kind of movement you may normally associate to yoga – what differentiates the practice is the essence of holding poses for at least several minutes at a time. A Yin Yoga class usually consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body. We live in a world where we are bombarded with movement and stimuli- so to become still in a pose creates gaps in our daily routine that encourage a stillness in mind that, to many of us, is unfamiliar given the stresses of a hectic life.

Keeping the gaps empty creates the space, for anything that wants to, to come up. For example, feelings of anxiety, feelings of happiness or sadness etc. Finally, you take time out to allow for any of those feelings to be there and you have no idea how good it feels to let these emotions arise! It costs the mind a lot of energy to be on-the-go 24/7 so a Yin class feel like you are hugging yourself from the inside out.

Alongside these benefits, Yin Yoga has also been claimed to reduce anxiety and stress, increase circulation, improve flexibility and improve joint mobility. Most yoga studios these days facilitate a few Yin classes into their weekly schedule. So try it out- take time to slow down and just “be” – we are certain that you won’t regret it and along with using great natural skin care products you will be heading towards a healthier you.

Vicky & the team xx

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