Natural Skin Care Tips On How To Achieve Smoother Legs

It happens every year; before you know it, the sun has arrived and everyone is walking around in shorts and skirts, yet you haven’t had the time to give your legs a second thought since the last time you could leave the house without a jacket. Panic mode kicks in and you realise you need smooth legs, fast. 

Here are three quick and easy natural skin care tips to get your legs in good condition:

If you suddenly start shaving your legs again after a long period of time, you leave your skin open to shaving rash. Make sure you use a natural skin care exfoliator a day before you start your hair removal. The easiest way to do this is with a gentle natural exfoliator like our Savar Refining Revitalising Facial Exfoliator that is ever so gentle on your skin and exfoliates with tiny beads of natural bamboo. A manual exfoliator works best however if you don't have any on hand you can use a wet flannel; just work it slowly over the legs with a soft, gentle moisturising natural cleanser but don’t overdo it as you don’t want to leave your skin raw.

You don’t need to invest in a lots of new natural skin care products to work with your razor as most of what we keep in our shower can be used as a good emollient for shaving. You do however need something that will create a good glide for the razor to work over without snagging and causing the razor to catch on hairs or skin. Therefore, a plant based product like our Savar Luxury Face Wash or Energising Hand & Body Wash that creates a fabulous gentle foam/glide is perfect for this. They are both also soap free so wont dry your skin out and also wont leave any soap scum in the shower.

Lastly, if you’ve followed the first two steps then your skin will be in need of a good moisture boost so make sure you massage your legs with a good natural skin care moisturiser. However, try to allow at least a few hours after you’ve shaved for your hair follicles to close so you don’t encourage any lumps and bumps to form. 

These three steps will quickly and effectively get your legs smooth and summer.

Vicky and the team xx

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