The Best Natural Face Wash - What You Should Look For

Everyone has a different idea of what makes the best natural face wash. For some it’s an amazing smell, but for most it’s how it performs. The best natural face wash should look inviting and make you look forward to using it, it should smell glorious so you’re happy to use it on your face and it should leave skin feeling wonderfully cleansed without a hint of tightness.

Your skin type can mean you have different needs from the best natural face wash. For example, oily skin people tend to enjoy the feeling that their skin is left feeling cleansed and balanced with out a tight feeling as they’re usually on a constant battle to try and eradicate that oily feeling. Whereas dry skinned people want to have skin that feels as if it’s been given a bath of moisture after using their best natural face wash; the last thing dry skin sufferers also want is that tight feeling after using a good face wash!

The best way to keep most skin types happy is by using the best natural face wash that won’t upset the natural balance of the skin, so gentle natural cleansers that are soap free are best for all skin types. Look for plant-based natural ingredients in a natural face wash that are great for the skin, will sooth whilst cleansing and will brighten and hydrate the skin.

Vicky and the team xx

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