Plant Based Eye Cream for Men and Women

It’s easy to conclude that beauty and skincare are things that only women should pay attention to, yet good, basic plant based skincare routines are beneficial for both sexes. We all age, we all suffer from the skin damage caused by sun exposure and pollution, and most of us don’t always avoid junk food and bad habits as we should.

If we want to keep our skin in optimum condition, there are several things we should be doing regularly. These include:

Treating the delicate skin around our eyes with a premium quality plant based eye cream

Cleansing our skin of dirt and pore-clogging grime

Using a natural skincare moisturiser that is appropriate to our skin type to ensure our skin stays supple and well hydrated

One of the first areas to show signs of age is the eye area, due to the fact that the skin surrounding the eye is thinner and more vulnerable than the skin on the rest of our face. Therefore, a good habit to start early is the application of a plant based eye cream to keep the area hydrated, firm and youthful and both men and women should concentrate on this if they want to stay young looking!


Vicky and the Team

Savar natural skincare