Plant Based Hair Products For An Itchy Sensitive Scalp

Do you suffer from an itchy sensitive scalp and love beautiful plant based hair products? Our Savar plant based shampoo and conditioner are both made here in New Zealand and formulated with some of nature’s true wonders which makes these gentle formulations fabulous for all hair types and an itchy sensitive scalp.

Our plant based hair products are crafted to gently cleanse, lavishly condition and assist in preventing flakiness. They are also specially formulated to calm an itchy sensitive scalp and leave your hair feeling wonderfully silky, shiny and lustrous!

We love it when our plant based hair products receive fabulous reviews like the one below from Lips N Berries beauty Blog:

My favorite shampoo meet the world. World meet my favorite. Yes! I have found my Holy Grail ..yet again! So when I say a shampoo has been working for me, you've gotta trust me. Surely, a shampoo won't fix split ends but it can make them less bushy.

New Zealand made, plant based shampoo and conditioner, gentle enough for the whole family. A clear shampoo and a not-so-thick creamy conditioner that seem to be doing the trick. I've been using these for months and it keeps getting better. Let me tell you why I love this combo-

- Makes my hair shiny and bouncy, doesn't weigh them down

- Gives my hair some volume, yet they feel so light

- Gives them lifeless locks some much needed life

- Hair seem to have less tangles (thank you split ends for a tangled life)

- My hair fall has been in control! Probably the only evidence that's not subjective.

- I can go without washing my hair for 4 days

- Gentle on scalp

- Smells ahhhmzing (Citrusy!)

- Fairly natural, plant based shampoo and conditioner

- Chock full of botanical extracts like Avocado, Cucumber, Ginger & Manuka Honey

- New Zealand made

- That packaging though!

If you've been looking for a gentle SLS free shampoo that'll put life back to your hair, give these a shot. 500 mL pump packaging will last you months and you'll feel great about supporting a product that is good for the environment, yourself and is proudly New Zealand made.

Thanks Lips n Berries!

Savar Natural Skin Care

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