Plant Based Skin Care Products For Him

Plant based skin care is no longer a necessity developed and marketed at only women, but there are now many plant based skin care brands that have created lines specifically for men. However, male skincare requirements are no different to women; all skin needs to be kept clean with a plant based face wash and well moisturised, so in case the man in your life is having doubts, here are two reasons why men should definitely start using a plant based moisturiser:

1) Keeping skin plumped and moisturised delays the ageing process. As we age, our skin becomes less able to keep itself moisturised, so a plant based moisturiser will do wonders to keep his skin soft and subtle.

2) Well moisturised skin is more capable of healing quicker, so if prone to shaving rash, regularly moisturising skin with a moisturiser will help it recover more quickly from the abrasion of shaving.

Skincare is not solely for women – men’s skin is subject to the same environment, UV rays and daily build up as women’s skin is. At Savar, our products are designed to be unisex. So feel free to share your Savar products with the man in your life!

Vicky & the team xx

Savar Plant Based Skin Care

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