Savar Natural Beauty Tips

Between running a natural skincare business, a husband, 2 dogs and four children there is often not a lot of time left for my skincare routine. However, cleansing and removing make up is one of the most important parts of maintaining a clear healthy complexion.

Choosing the correct natural cleanser for your skin is also important as if the cleanser is too harsh it will strip away the skin’s natural barrier leaving your facial skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Look for cleansers made with natural ingredients as they are generally safer and gentler on your skin. It may mean spending a little more than you usually would however it is worth it.

A general rule is if your skin is dry use a natural cream based cleanser and if your skin is oily, a natural face wash may be better suited to your skin type, especially if you are younger. If you do have oily or oily combination skin we recommend never buying a cleanser that is formulated with alcohol as it is not good for your skin and will make it taught and tight.

It is a real bonus to get a natural skincare routine in place at an early age – your skin will feel and look healthier and thank you for it. Happy cleansing!

Vicky and the team xx

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