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I've never done such a post before - going all out to dedicate a post to a single brand but believe me I just couldn't hold it in any longer. Every time I put on Savar Natural Skincare, I can't help being floored by them. Never before has a skincare brand impressed me so much, product after product.

Savar is premium natural NZ brand that offers luxury Skincare, Haircare and Spa Products. I have tried a good few products from Savar's range and each of them has been excellent. I've already written at length how much I adore their Haircare and the Rosehip Oil Brightening Serum. I still stand behind both these products 100%, months after using them. I've pretty much run out of both of these but would purchase them in a heartbeat. That shampoo gives life to my hair!

Savar Instant Boost Multi Toner
Hands down the best toner I've ever used and I've used a fair amount of them. While I could never make out if the toners were working some magic or no but I can surely feel the hydration this Instant Boost Multi Toner imparts. For someone with dry skin to be able to sit without moisturiser for hours- do I need other proof? If you have dry skin, I 100% recommend it and I'd definitely be buying it again. Natural, refreshing, hydrating, fast absorbing and smells delish.

Savar Ultra Cleansing Shampoo & Ultra-Nourishing Conditioner

My favorite Shampoo meet the world. World meet my favorite shampoo.

Wishing I had a good run with my hair too because it’s pretty much the worst it’s have ever been. So I've not had a hair cut in ages. There's split ends, there's dry ends, there's awkward lengths and there's more thickness than I can handle, there's flatness that comes with heaviness, there's hair fall and then there's bleach laden swimming pool. All this against my poor hair. So when I say a shampoo has been working for me, you've got to trust me.

World meet my new favorite Shampoo & Conditioner combo- Savar Ultra Cleansing Shampoo* & Savar Ultra Nourishing Conditioner*- A NZ made, plant based haircare, gentle enough for the whole family. A clear shampoo and a not-so-thick creamy conditioner that seem to be doing the trick. I've been using these for months and it keeps getting better.

If you've been looking for a gentle SLS free shampoo that'll put life back to your hair, give these a shot. 500 mL pump packaging will last you months and you'll feel great about supporting a product that is good for the environment, yourself and is proudly New Zealand made.

Savar Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum

Today we are talking about this new product from a natural New Zealand brand, Savar. It's their Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum*, a very potent natural serum that is chock full of nutrients and anti-oxidants namely melon fruit water and extracts of Rosehip, blackcurrant, goji berry, lemon, bearberry. It’s a milky translucent serum that smells of botanicals and absorbs lightning fast. So fast you'd be in shock.. like few seconds. I've been using this serum every night for a few weeks now. I apply a few drops of it all over the face. The serum claims to hydrate, tighten, brighten and restore skin health.

I can certainly feel my skin is a lot clearer and a touch brighter but as I said its something that's very subjective. I can produce no Before/After pictures for it. All I can say is I love using it. I've been loving my naked skin these days. Even the sun spots seem to be a bit lighter. It's even held well under day makeup as its oil free, hence suitable for all skin types. The fact that it disappears into skin so fast, you actually feel it must be doing something, unlike the lot of skincare oils that I pass on to my pillow.

I've never been a fancy skincare type but this Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum Serum is literally luxury. Pure, potent and just lovely. If you've been looking to add some oomph to your skincare game, try it out. Maybe you'd see the brightening effect too!

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