Savar Natural Wonder Lift Serum Review

Savar Natural Skin Care have an amazing natural Wonder Lift Serum out and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’m hooked. When you read the list of ingredients in it, it sounds good enough to eat – so it must be good for your face too!

It’s a natural serum for your face (before you get all excited thinking it’s going to work miracles on all your wobbly bits like I did)…..Easy to apply – just a couple of drops of the serum after your natural toner (I’ve also been using their) natural Instant Boost Multi Toner and before your moisturiser. You only need a couple of drops, so the bottle will last a while and you won’t be wanting to share it either so make sure you have it hidden! It made my super sensitive skin feel soft, plump and moisturised without making it feel oily.

It’s New Zealand made which I love as well!

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