Savar Premium Natural Skin Care - Pets at Work

At Savar premium natural skin care we love our pets. I’s no secret that dogs have a positive effect on our stress levels and it's a growing trend in New Zealand to see pets at work! Aside from the numerous studies that can attest to the overall positive effect pets can have on our health, having a loving companion by your side at work also promotes motivation and is known to reduce work-related stress.

One recent experiment carried out at a top University involved testing 2 groups; one group had a dog with them throughout the day, while the other group did not. The results indicated that the group with the animals showed more mutual trust, intimacy and team bonding compared to the other group.

There are countless studies on the therapeutic benefits and social benefits for staff morale and culture when interacting with animals. We can attest to this here at Savar premium natural skin care as we have a gorgeous dog, Nico who is an important part of our team culture. Nico provides companionship, light relief and makes a great security guard! We also believe dogs can keep us healthy and happy and add so many positives to our work environment.

Nico is a 9 year old Miniature Schnauzer who is bathed regularly with our Savar natural Energising Hand & Body Wash which makes his coat beautiful, conditioned and soft. His deepest need is to be part of the team, so naturally we love him coming to work!

Vicky & the team xx

Savar Premium Natural Skin Care