Sensitive Skin? Why Not Try a Natural Face Wash

Sensitive skin can show itself in various forms such as dryness, rashes and breakouts. It’s very easy to misdiagnose sensitive skin; for example, if your skin is dry, it’s easy to assume that all it needs is a good dose of moisturiser and the same applies for breakout-prone skin; you can easily conclude that skin is in need of less oil and more vigorous cleansing.

However, a lot of skin complaints can be attributed to a sensitivity that the skin has developed. A sensitivity to certain ingredients is very common and yet not always easy to spot. If you’re having skin problems and have sensitive skin, it’s worth trying to tone down your skincare routine to establish if you might be having a reaction to one of the products you’re using. The best thing you can do is remove as many chemical formulations from your routine as possible and slowly reintroduce them to work out what might be causing your skin flare-up.

However, one of the best things you can do for your skin is remove chemicals completely, and instead create a skincare routine based around natural ingredients. A soap free face wash formulated specially with gentle, soothing, natural ingredients can be one of the best products for sensitive skin and will instead comfort and calm your skin. Therefore, if you’re prone to sensitivity, it’s a really good idea to consider taking a natural skincare approach.

Vicky & the team x

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