The Benefits Of A Natural Skin Toner

With all the new natural beauty products hitting the market it is easy to be caught up with what are the best natural skin care products for your skin. Here at Savar we don't think it should be complicated and that you need hundreds of beauty products. One important product though, is a natural skin toner. We love and recommend a natural skin toner as it provides many benefits for your skin. Here are a few:

Completes the cleansing process - Firstly, many people don't realise that using a natural skin toner after you have cleansed your skin with your favourite cleanser helps remove any excess make up, debris or oil left on your skin.

Minimises pores - A great natural skin toner will also assist in unblocking pores and helps to prepare your skin for applying your natural facial serum and moisturiser.

Hydrates your skin - A gentle natural skin toner will also hydrate and condition your skin, therefore your favourite moisturiser will penetrate skin more effectively.

Great for break-outs and protecting skin - Your skin has to “face” a lot during the day from environmental stressors and a soothing, nourishing natural skin toner helps control shine and refreshes skin. It also normally contains antioxidants to protect against free radical damage that could cause signs of aging like fine lines.

So you can see why we are huge fans of a natural skin toner as they are a multi functional natural skincare product that works hard to cleanse, hydrate, protect skin and reduce shine, leaving your skin wonderfully hydrated and healthy.

Vicky and the team 

Savar Natural Skin Care