A Natural Night Cream For Dry Skin

We’ve said it before, and will say it again – a good night time natural skin care routine is so important for all skin types and especially if you have dry skin.

Cleansing effectively using a natural cleanser to rid your face of all the make-up and dirt accumulated during the day, and then using a plant based natural face toner to make sure no cleanser is left are both very important steps. However, arguably the most important step of all is finding and using the right natural night cream for dry skin.

Using a natural night cream for dry skin that not only agrees with your skin but actually works to improve the hydration of your skin can make the most significant difference to your overall skin health.

At night, our body starts doing all the things it couldn’t do when active during the day, including replacing lost moisture. This is the most optimum time to supply it with a natural night cream for dry skin to treat skin issues effectively. If you’re applying a good natural night cream before you go to bed, your body doesn’t need to waste any time on replacing lost moisture, so it can instead focus on repairing wrinkle/blemish/pigmentation causing damage and keeping your skin happy.

Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you not only find a good night cream, but also that you apply it every night and help your body give you the best skin it can. Well moisturised skin is healthy, glowy, dewy and blemish-free, and who wouldn’t want skin like that?

Vicky and the team xx

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