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Natural antioxidants are skin care buzz words that we hear all the time and are the best ingredients for skin; you read about how important natural antioxidants are in magazines, natural skin care guides and blogs, but nobody ever really explains why they are the best ingredients for skin. The role of natural anti-oxidants is to fight off carcinogens, and carcinogens (in relation to natural skin care) are things that have a negative impact on our skin and increase the rate of ageing. 

Examples of carcinogens are things like pollution, smoking and over-exposure to sun. Natural antioxidants are the best ingredients for skin as they counteract these carcinogens and work to repair any damage caused. However, it’s important to take a preventative approach and not see natural antioxidants as a cure-all!

In modern life, carcinogens are virtually impossible to completely avoid, which is why it’s important to keep natural antioxidants as a regular part of daily life, both in your diet (most fruits are amazing natural antioxidants as well as many other healthy foods) and in natural skin care products to work at a cellular level to fight off damage and delay signs of ageing. 

We have included two of the very best natural antioxidants in some of our favourite natural skin care products; blackcurrant seed oil and organic goji berry. Both of these contain high levels of natural antioxidants meaning that they are some of the best ingredients for skin as they work hard at assisting in repairing damage and protecting your skin.

Our Savar natural Wonder Lift Serum was designed with all of the above in mind, so it contains both these amazing natural antioxidants which will work together to tackle any signs of ageing, whilst also creating a barrier from any future damage. It’s so important to make sure your skin care is capable of both preventing and repairing; therefore including natural antioxidants in your regime is a really important step to take. 

Vicky and the team xx

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