A Toner For Oily Skin And a Face Wash For Oily Skin

With all the new oily skin products hitting the market it's easy to get confused with what are the best natural skin care products for oily skin.

Here at Savar we don't think it should be complicated however, we do think using a natural toner for oily skin and a natural face wash for oily skin morning and night is hugely beneficial.

While our skin naturally produces oil in order to keep our skin soft and supple, too much of it results in that perpetually shiny and greasy look which none of us love.

Our Savar natural Luxury Face Wash is a great face wash for oily skin, as it's an oil free formulation. It's also soap free and strikes the perfect balance of gently cleansing to help minimise breakouts and dissolve excess oil, without ever leaving your complexion feeling tight or stripped afterward. 

One of our best selling products is our natural Instant Boost Multi Toner. It's a great toner for oily skin as it balances and soothes oily skin, reduces shine, is great for break outs and feels instantly cooling and refreshing. It also targets spots and can be used as a spot-treatment if there are just a few oily spots on your face you want to treat. A toner also hydrates and conditions your skin. 

Your skin has to “face” a lot during the day from environmental stressors and using the best face toner for oily skin and face wash for oily skin will condition your skin therefore your favourite natural serum or moisturiser will penetrate skin more effectively.

Vicky & the team x

Savar Natural Skin Care

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