Why We Love Natural Skincare Facials

Natural skincare facials aren’t only pampering and indulgent, they’re also fantastic for skincare health and great for getting skin looking in tip-top condition. Facials don’t always have to be expensive trips to the salon and can be achieved by keeping a few key natural skincare products at home.

A good facial will involve a thorough cleanse so use your favourite natural cleanser to remove all make-up. Once you’ve rinsed this off, repeat the same cleansing experience but concentrate on massaging your skin. After this, ideally you need to exfoliate the skin before you apply a natural skincare face mask which can be anything from a sachet of your favourite store-bought mask, to a rich layer of moisturising facial skin cream if your skin is feeling particularly parched.

The essential element of a good facial is time. Take time to work through the steps and make sure the experience is as indulgent as possible. Try putting on your favourite relaxing music and lighting your favourite candles to make the experience as calming as possible. Since natural skincare masks usually need to be left on for a certain amount of time (or overnight), why not apply it just before you hop in the bath, then you can relax in the bath knowing you’re doing your best to give yourself some me-time, which is not only good for your looks, but great for your sense of well-being too.


Vicky and the team

Savar Natural Skincare