When you have dry sensitive skin it is best to look for very gentle natural skincare products and spot treatments that agree with your skin and use them daily as anything harsh will make the problem worse.

Dry sensitive skin

Dry sensitive skin is often prone to both spots and dry patches which makes treating it very difficult. Try to avoid chemical products as much as p...

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Plant based facial serums

Plant Based Facial Serums

Plant based facial serums are enriched with antioxidants are fabulous natural skincare products to have in your skincare regime. All of us are age...

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Natural face products work hard while you are sleeping

Natural face products

A great natural face product should be pampering and effective. Choosing a natural face product for night time to use like our Savar Natural Antio...

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Sensitive skin care products - natural face toner

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a common problem that can either be something we suffer with all our life, or something that comes on suddenly; either way, it’s ...

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Natural beauty care products are the most recommended facial products

Natural Beauty Care

At Savar, we firmly believe that one of the first steps to having great skin is to use natural beauty care. A natural cream based cleanser or natu...

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New Zealand skin care company Savar has added a fabulous range of plant based hair care to their range

Plant Based Hair Care Review

The fabulous New Zealand skin care company Savar, has added hair care to its stable of beautiful botanical, natural, New Zealand-made skin care pr...

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