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A few years ago I read an amazing book called The Hospital By The River.

It is the awe-inspiring story of the life and mission of Dr. Catherine Hamlin who, with her husband Reg, established what has been heralded as one the most incredible medical programs in the modern world.

In rural Ethiopia, many women have little or no access to medical care during childbirth and the Hamlins, both Christians, dedicated their lives to women suffering the catastrophic effects of obstructed labour. The awful injuries that such labour produces are called fistula, and until the Hamlins began their work in Ethiopia, fistula sufferers were neglected and forgotten and the consequences for the women are horrendous; they are often abandoned by their husbands and forced to live in huts at some distance from their families. The shame of their condition and the lack of any hope of living a normal life lead many to despair.

Dr Reginald Hamlin and his wife, Nobel Nominee Dr Catherine Hamlin, first began their life's work pioneering obstetric fistula treatment in Ethiopia in 1959. Together they perfected surgical techniques that have been recognised globally.

Catherine and Reg, with their team of dedicated fistula surgeons, have now successfully operated on over 25,000 women.

We are very keen on supporting this charity and their story can be read in the heart grabbing read The Hospital by the River – A Story of Hope. Follow this link if you would like to read more...

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