Extensive research lead us to select the best plant based natural ingredients we can source to formulate our luxury sensitive skin care products. We source many of our ingredients from New Zealand and using the latest technology and science, these natural ingredients are carefully formulated to create our range of skincare.

With an ingredient list that encompasses an entire plant catalogue including New Zealand blackcurrant oil, organic bilberry, marshmallow extract, organic fig, lime flower, lemon balm, organic goji berries and rosehip are just some of the skin-benefiting goodies included in our luxury natural range of sensitive skin care products.

We use natural blackcurrants in many of our plant based formulations as blackcurrants are very beneficial for sensitive skincare, maintaining healthy skin and are rich in vitamin C, A and K, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and potassium. Independent scientific research shows that blackcurrants are an effective anti-inflammatory agent and also assist in preventing premature ageing and repairing damaged tissue.

The combination of New Zealand’s pristine environment, unpolluted air, high ultraviolet light intensity, and specially bred varieties results in our blackcurrants having some of the highest antioxidant levels in the world. The antioxidants levels in blackcurrants are higher than most other fruits and assist in protecting the skins cells from free radical induced damaged such as causing skin dryness, skin breakouts and inflammation. These free radicals originate from environmental pollutants such tobacco smoke, pesticides and air pollutants.